Anti Aging Skin Care – Why Your Skin Care Should Have Minerals

Skin Care for anti aging isn’t just about the creams you use, it’s also about the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients you use in your anti aging skin care as well as diet and supplementation. Many of us take for granted and ignore the single largest organ in our body – the skin. The skin is the largest detox organ, performs more functions than the liver yet is the last to receive the body’s energy to perform those functions. Taking care of your skin with nutrient rich mineral skin care is therefore imperative to good health as well as for more vain anti aging cosmetic reasons.The Importance of Organic Fruits & VegetablesAs they say, “We are what we eat”. This is the only body we have for our lifetime; we cannot trade it in for a newer model like a car and so it is imperative to look after it; one natural way to get healthy and glowing skin, is to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex help improve skin quality and keep us healthy. A, C & E are well known anti aging antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production.Anti Aging Minerals: Zinc, Chromium, CalciumZinc is considered to be the “clean-up co-enzyme,” as it helps remove damaged tissue; it is also essential for collagen production and elastin synthesis; it is required for DNA repairs and DNA rejuvenation. The Dead Sea, for example is so rich in mineral salts that one can float on it. It is a great source of minerals like calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, bromide, and obviously, sodium chloride.Chromium regulates the blood flow and helps purifies the skin, thereby giving a blemish-free skin. Calcium regulates almost every organ in the body and the skin is no exception. The levels of calcium is closely monitored and replenished by the skin itself, as research has shown that the calcium integrity of the top layers of the epidermis is responsible for regulating at least four major functions of the skin and research shows further that there may be more we are yet to discover. More reason to supplement your diet with minerals as well as use skin care that contains a wide range of minerals and nutrients to help the skin perform its important functions.The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has found that Calcium is as essential as zinc for healthy skin; calcium regulates cell turnover and that calcium is responsible for the skin’s production of anti-oxidants, which we all know help fight cancer and are anti aging. The best sources of calcium are from foods like organic tahini (sesame seeds), spinach, yoghurt (milk if you can tolerate it), legumes, beans, almonds.There is much debate around the efficacy of Organic versus conventional food, skin care and supplements. For those who use only organic products the difference is experienced in the flavor of the food, the purity of the skin care and immediacy of the results. There are some studies that attempt to discredit organic produce and skin care. It is my belief this is coming from a corporate driven machine that seeks to save it’s own industry. The toxic chemical industry.I’ve used organic skin care for years now that there are many good anti aging skin care ranges that are organic out there to choose from. When I run out and revert to conventional chemical based creams no on comments on my skin. As soon as I go back to my organic range I get comments the same day. So whatever the junk science may say, finding a good organic anti aging skin care range that has the broad base of minerals and vitamins in it, not just one miracle ingredient, will make a difference. When considering purchasing anti aging skin care, products high in minerals are generally good certified organic skin care ranges.

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