Link Popularity – How to Use Article Marketing and Keywords to Develop More Inbound Links

With Internet marketing there are so many ways to develop links to your website for marketing purposes, but what you need to do if you were first starting out is concentrating on two or three methods that you are comfortable with using. A few of the top marketing methods to use in order to develop link popularity and a greater amount of back links to your website and sales pages are:1. Article marketing2. Using keyword optimized content3. Using optin and squeeze pagesI will now discuss each of these three marketing methods to developing a greater amount of link popularity in depth:1. Article marketingI am asked quite often with regards to articles submitted to the top article directories, if it makes sense to use the optimized article as a web page on a website or a squeeze page that the article’s author bio points to?The web page really should be different content than the article because you do not want your web site hit with any kind of duplicate content penalty by Google. So the key then is to write two articles on each topic – one to submit and one for your web site. Or you can write one, and then significantly alter it for the second version. Make sure to use anchor text which is keywords within your article or page content that is hyperlinked to a web page. The reason for this is to develop your link popularity, which is creating more inbound links to that webpage or squeeze page.Create additional web pages for your website that are optimized for each key word you are targeting. Many times people ask whether the squeeze pages they are using should be optimized for each of the key words? Or…if they upload the key word optimized articles does this do the job?You can either upload the articles to web pages or create individual squeeze pages for each keyword. Whichever you do make sure that you insert links to each of the other pages. The reason for this issue will be basically developing a mini web of interlinked pages which increases the page links, thus increasing the link popularity. The top search engines look at those webpages as being more popular on the Internet because more pages are like to them.If you are fairly new in the Internet marketing and are unsure what a squeeze page is, a squeeze page is a web page that has as its one purpose the opting in of subscribers, and I will be showing you how to do that – probably another week or two.If you provide a good free product for subscribers to believe there is a real reason for opting in onto your list you stand a very good chance that they will in turn link to that squeeze page from their website again creating more inbound links and link popularity.When you are submitting articles to the top article directories do not think that you can use a redirect site link within your article. The link that you place within an article must be the primary site. Can the article directories catch you if you use [a redirect] to hide the links?Yes – but only if they are checking – you can get away with it sometimes – you can always give it a try. Honestly, I do not recommend it – I think you should always send a reader to your squeeze page first, then to the affiliate link. Why should you give the affiliate your lead, without opting the lead into your own opt in list first? You will make far more money if you build a list and send traffic to an affiliate page than if you send traffic directly to the affiliate link.Remember that your top priority as an Internet marketer is to gain link popularity so you will develop a higher page rank and stand a chance of coming up on the first page of Google when a prospective customer or subscriber is searching for your keywords.If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.Want to learn more Internet marketing techniques on how to build a successful businesses online?

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